Happy Birthday Mom.

January 15, 2011

My mother would have been 66 years old today. Here are a few photos of her through the years.

Middle School

With cousin, 1956.

1960, with her best friend Becca


Working at Yelco, 1963.



Getting married to my father, 1965



With me, 1977.


Big hair in the early 1990s.


Mom and Dad in Jasper, 2006.



Happy Birthday Mom!



4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom.”

  1. Maci Powell said

    I hope you’re doing okay on this day.
    Happy birthday to your Mom.
    I know she would be proud of the Mama you’ve become. Love to you and yours.

  2. Jo Ann said

    Meredith – I know you wish you could be celebrating your Mom’s birthday with her! Special days/seasons are challenging, no? I’m glad that you’re celebrating her anyway – hooray for you!
    I really enjoyed these photos…I had forgotten we are almost the same age…at least we are the same age for 6 weeks or so!
    The 1960 picture with her best friend could be me…I had a “jumper” just like that in high school! Your Mom and Dad got married 1 year before I did – and…um, I think we had that 1977 chair!!!
    Thank you for sharing…be blessed, and comforted, and rejoicing in the wonderful momma you have, and the memories!

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