Hello Carnations.

April 7, 2011

Carnations. And it looks like they need some water, don't they?

As I’ve said before, I think of flower gardening as a dialog.  A dialog between myself and the people and things I can’t see.  Sometimes it also offers a space for a dialog with people I love, even the ones who still have bodies.

So sometimes I plant flowers for living relatives, such as  these carnations here.  I’ll explain who they are for in just a minute.  Also, see that broken stem there in the front?  The sad, droopy flower hanging over the edge of the pot? Well, G and E helped me plant them. Being careful is just not something they’re into.

In the winter months after mom died sometimes I’d sit and draw out my spring garden plan. I had quite an ornate layout in mind. Needless to say I never got around to bringing all those plans to fruition, but something great did come out of all it: I asked those I loved what their favorite flowers were and why, and then I set out to find seeds or bulbs for my garden.

For most folks the answer to the question “what’s your favorite flower?” isn’t a hard one.  But when I asked my father he had to stop and think a moment.   He’s not much of a gardener, you see.  “Carnation,” he finally answered.

I’d never considered growing them before.  But they are beautiful flowers. And so delicate. They’ll have a permanent home in any of my gardens from here on out.

So here’s one of my first additions to our new flower garden: container pots of carnations mixed with red snapdragons and yellow petunias.  I can’t wait to hear what those carnations have to say.

2 Responses to “Hello Carnations.”

  1. Rhonda said

    That’s lovely, Meredith.

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