Hen and Chicks.

May 24, 2011

Heather's Hen and Chicks.

This past week a dear friend of mine posted this photo of the hen and chicks plant my mother had given her a few years ago. If I remember correctly, the tiny cutting used to sit in a pot on my friend’s window sill.  It’s clearly come along way since the last time I saw it, and this picture of my mom’s beloved hen and chicks taking on a new life in a new town just makes  me so happy.

If you ever visited my mom in the summertime it’s very likely that you noticed the several very large hen and chicks plants on the front porch. And if you happened to mention them, which you probably would because they were so striking,  she’d be sure and send you home with some for your own garden.  She took great pride in those succulents, especially because they were about the only plant that would live through an Arkansas August on  her concrete front porch which caught every bit of the afternoon sun.  She’d break off some of the “chicks” (the little growths that sprout from the larger “hen” part of the plant) for neighbors and friends, and she never seem to run out.

When I googled “hen and chicks” I came across this nice post with photos of one woman’s different varieties of hen and chicks, some of which had once grown in her grandmother’s garden.  I don’t know much about her blog, but it looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read more. I always love to come across bloggers writing about concepts of the simple life, however they may define that concept.

I’ve got a few of my mother’s hen and chicks growing now in some strawberry pots out on the front steps. They don’t look so great right now, but I know once the days grow longer and we all began to swelter in the miserable Arkansas heat, those hearty little plants will start perking up.  They’re tough little guys, those hen and chicks.

Do you have any hen and chicks? Where do you grow them? Did they come from a family member or friend? I’d love to hear about them! Send photos if you have them too.

One Response to “Hen and Chicks.”

  1. Heather said

    Nice blog! I do love those hen and chicks. They make me so happy every time I see them and I always think of you and your sweet mother. What you say about them being a hearty plant is so true! I thought they were a gonner last summer, but they came back with zest this winter in my windowsill.

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