Snail as Mountain Lion Music

February 22, 2012

That's my dog, Elsie. She's amazing.

Since this is my more personal blog and it’s kind of evolving as I do more writing and what not, I thought I’d put up some my music recordings up here.

Via my work as a oral historian and folklorist, I often write about other’s people’s music. But every so often I play a little (nothing too fancy) and recently started gathering up my older recordings and some new ones, and put them on a Sound Cloud  page.

I used to play with the bands Woods Afire and Early Morning Bourbon Girls, and one of these days I am going to get those recordings up as well.  They’re more polished and have a band.  But these are the messy things I record in my living room, little songs I write about dead animals, people I miss, the moon, stuff like that.  They’re super rough and as lo fi as can be.  I’m not a great guitar player and I don’t practice like I should.  I just like to sometimes write songs.  They’re all works in progress and will hopefully someday be recorded with more layers, like timpanis and a chorus of crickets. There’s some possibility of starting a new band.  We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s one called “Red Flower,” a little bit more straightforward than my usual songs, but I’ve gotten some complements so I’ll put it here. You can listen to the rest here. Red Flower by Snail as Mountain Lion

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